Tattoonie Team | Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos


Do you remember the thrill you used to feel as a kid when you opened a pack of chips or gum and you found a transfer tattoo inside? Remember how cool you felt as you peeled back the wet cardboard from your skin and magically you had a tattoo?

We are three young guys from Benifayork (near to Valencia) well remember that feeling, eighties nostalgia, decals "crappy" transfers and how cool they felt to wear them. We started joking about the subject at the time we were seeing disastrous tattoos all around. Suddenly the idea took enough sense in our heads and began to emerge in what we have called Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos.

The idea is to carry the design and good taste to the world of temporary tattoos, temporary tattoos are like makeup, clothes or a complement more, different and unique. In addition, our designs are limited edition, and so diverse that all kinds of ages and tastes will love them.

The new temporary tattoo era is just beginning. Changing Tattoo Rules!!!