TATTOONIE FASHION WEEKTo join the diferent Fashion Weeks tha...







To join the diferent Fashion Weeks that are happening during this month, we made the Tattoonie Fashion Week. We create5 outfits, and all of them fits perfectly with some of the Tattoonies.

Outfit 1: City Bambi, Octopus Pinup, Fruit Cousins

Outfit 2: Carpa Coi, Skate Fail, 3D Tiger

Outfit 3: Pinwheel, El Arbusto, Jose & Amparo

Outfit 4: Smart Cat, T-Cam, CMYK Brush

Outfit 5: Rosh Love, Ribera Cross, Bat Band

Choose your favorite look and combine it with our Tattoonies. Come on!


Para unirnos a las Semanas de la Moda que se están celebrando durante este mes, hemos hecho la Semana de la Moda de Tattoonie, con 5 looks, todos ellos combinados a la perfección con diferentes Tattoonies.

Look 1: City BambiOctopus PinupFruit Cousins

Look 2: Carpa CoiSkate Fail3D Tiger

Look 3: PinwheelEl ArbustoJose & Amparo

Look 4: Smart CatT-CamCMYK Brush

Look 5: Rosh LoveRibera CrossBat Band

Busca tu look preferido y combínalo con nuestros Tattoonies, no querrás parar!

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Yay !