Temporary tattoos, what are they

Temporary tattoos are increasingly considered just another accessory and another way to decorate your body in an ephemeral way, which is why they have gained popularity in recent years.

These forms of skin decoration offer an ideal alternative to permanent tattoos.

We are going to explain what temporary tattoos are and how long they usually last, highlighting their advantages, versatility and the possibility of customization.

We will also show you different methods to remove them easily.

Qué son los tattoos temporales

What are temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are designs that are applied to the skin in a non-permanent manner. They are a versatile and creative way to decorate your body in an ephemeral way.

They are made with non-permanent inks with many different finishes that are not possible with permanent tattoos, such as metallic or glitter effects.

These tattoos are an excellent option for those people who want to experiment with the idea of ​​a tattoo before committing to a permanent one, or simply for those who want to temporarily adorn their skin in their daily life or for a special occasion.

And, how do you put temporary tattoos? Our Tattoonies adhere to the skin through water transfer methods.

This means that you simply have to remove the protective plastic, place the design where you want and wet the paper.

Once this is done, you only have to wait about 20 seconds before slowly peeling the paper off your skin while you watch the design stick to it.

And ready!

Now, show off your Tattoonie wherever you go.

duración de un tatuaje temporal

How long do they last

Temporary tattoos can vary in duration, from a few days to an impeccable week, from then on, they begin to fade little by little.

As we have indicated, the duration of temporary tattoos can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the quality of the materials used and subsequent rubbing.

It will also depend on the area where you place it, in areas with more oil such as the face or hands they tend to last less than in other drier and hairless areas.

Duration can also be affected by location on the body and exposure to water and sun.

Those made with higher quality inks and glue like ours, applied with precision and carefully cared for, tend to last longer, often around one or a little longer.

On the other hand, temporary tattoos made with cheaper inks or subjected to constant friction can fade more quickly, often after just a few hours.

Ventajas de los tatuajes temporales

Advantages of this type of tattoos

Temporary tattoos offer several advantages that make them attractive to many people.

Without long-term commitment

One of the main advantages is that they are temporary. This way, you can enjoy the look of a tattoo without having to worry about its permanence.


Temporary tattoos allow you to experiment and fuel creativity by playing with different styles and placements always without the risk of regret.

They can be a fun way to change your appearance or artistically express your personality in an ephemeral way.

Test of Test

If you want to get the idea before you can't go back with something permanent, this is the perfect way, as temporary tattoos are ideal for testing out a design before committing to a permanent tattoo.

This way you can make a more conscious decision about what you would like to have on your skin permanently, or otherwise, you decide to continue with ephemeral tattoos.

Suitable for special occasions

Temporary tattoos are increasingly popular at events and festivals, as well as weddings, parties and other special moments. That's why we have a lot of inks for every occasion.

Temporary golden tattoos are widely used at festivals or weddings. On the other hand, for clubs and parties it is recommended to use more neon or glow in the dark.


Temporary tattoos can also be personalized with the design you want, whether it be a drawing, a name, a date, a photo or whatever you can think of!

Less pain and risk

Applying temporary tattoos does not involve inserting ink into deeper layers of the skin.

Additionally, these tattoos do not carry the risks associated with wound infections.

In short, temporary tattoos are a versatile, no-commitment option that gives you the freedom to express yourself through body decoration without the risks and long-term commitments associated with permanent tattoos.

Tattoonies will be like another accessory that will complete your look in the easiest way!

Con qué quitar un tattoo temporal

How to remove temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are removed very easily since they aren designnados para ser efit's awesome.

If you don't know with whatIt is remove temporary tattoos, here are some common ways to remove them:

  • Special wipes designed to remove temporary tattoos effectively and without irritating the skin. These wipes usually contain ingredients like alcohol that help dissolve the temporary tattoo ink. You simply have to rub the design until the tattoo is removed safely and effectively. We give away one of these towels with every order for free!
  • Cleaning with soap and water. You can remove tattoos by rubbing the area with warm water and soap. Friction will help remove the tattoo.
  • Alcohol or baby oil. You can also use isopropyl alcohol or baby oil. Apply the alcohol or oil to a cotton pad and gently rub over the tattoo until it comes off.
  • Exfoliation. Exfoliating with a gentle body scrub or sponge can help remove remnants of the temporary tattoo. But be careful not to irritate the skin too much.
  • Time. Don't want to worry about following any of these methods? No problem! Most temporary tattoos will fade naturally within a few days or weeks as they fade over time and with regular skin washing.

Please note that ease of removal may vary depending on the quality of the temporary tattoo and the materials used in its manufacture.

If you have any problems or skin irritation when trying to remove a temporary tattoo, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist or professional to confirm if you have suffered any type of allergic reaction to any of the products used to remove it.

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