Types of temporary tattoos

Did you know that you can choose between different types of temporary tattoos? Just like tattoos with permanent ink.

These quirky forms of body art allow creative people to adorn their skin with ephemeral designs, from vibrant inks to sparkles of glitter.

In this Tattoonie article we show you the types of temporary tattoos, from innovative creative inks to captivating personalized options, revealing the colorful world of possibilities they offer to uniquely express your style without lasting commitment.

colección de tatuajes temporales

Collections in temporary tattoos

In this section, we dive into the numerous options in terms of temporary tattoo collections that we have for you.

Creative inks. On the market you will find different types of ink for temporary tattoos. From classic shades like black to neon color palettes, inks allow you to create unique and expressive designs. You'll be able to experiment with shadows, gradients and intricate details to bring your creativity to life in each temporary tattoo. Nothing to do with henna tattoos that do not offer any of these possibilities.

Temporary personalized tattoos. If you are looking for something unique, custom temporary tattoos are the perfect choice. Imagine having your own designs transformed into a temporary tattoo. From phrases to personalized illustrations, this option allows you to carry special moments with you and express your individuality in a unique way.

tatuajes temporales que brillan en la oscuridad

Glow in the dark tattoos . Some temporary tattoos incorporate invisible inks that glow in the dark. They can be a special option to add an additional sensory experience to your tattoo.

Temporary glitter tattoos. These tattoos add a bright and festive touch to your skin. They are inks that contain glitter and can be perfect for special events or celebrations.

Temporary metallic ink tattoos. For an elegant effect, an erasable tattoo with metallic ink, such as gold, silver or copper, is a great option. These tattoos often imitate the look of jewelry, providing a sophisticated look.

As for how long a temporary tattoo will last, this is a common question for those venturing into the world of ephemeral body art.

In the case of Tattoonies, the duration of these temporary tattoos is longer than other brands, offering an impressive duration of up to 7 days. However, the useful life may vary depending on the area of ​​the skin where they are applied.

Generally, hairless and drier areas, as well as those with less friction, are where Tattoonies can dazzle in perfect condition.

categorías de nuestros tatuajes temporales

What categories do you find in our tattoonie temporary tattoo store?

In these lines, we present the fun categories of temporary tattoos :

  • Traditional. For classics with a touch of rebellion, our collection of traditional tattoos adds a bold twist to timeless designs.
  • Animals. Ideal for animal lovers. We have a great variation of animals in the form of tattoos designed in all styles.
  • Flowers. Very decorative and naturally elegant. It is the perfect choice to highlight any area.
  • Feminist Tattoos . Celebrate girl power with bold tattoos and messages that challenge norms with style.
  • Sailors. Do you prefer the nautical style? We have Anchors, paper boats, sea animals...whatever you want!
  • Hearts. Love is everywhere and so are hearts. Hearts with statements, with glitter, with fire...you won't get bored!
  • Phrases. Make impactful statements with quote tattoos that aren't afraid to challenge convention and stand out.
  • Tribal. Delve into tribal territory with designs that mix culture with fashion.
  • Food and drink. Your dishes, drinks and favorite food also in tattoo. A declaration of intentions!

Each category is an invitation to authenticity and unrestricted expression.

You have all of them available in our physical and online stores.

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