Tattoonie Clubbing is a Custom Temporary Tattoo Service specially for Clubs&Parties.

Let your attendees enjoy the "Tattoonie Clubbing" experience, they will never forget and they will repeat. We offer the following services, with the possibility to hire as many as you find interesting.

  • Custom Premium Temporary Tattoos: With your Logo or Design exclusively for your party.
  • Tattoonie Action Staff: They will give and apply Tattoonies in a cool way during the party.
  • Tattoonie Dj's: Musicians with great knowledge to entertain and suit the style of the club or event in addition to providing their personal touch.
  • Photographer: In charge to take pictures / video of the party.

Bring Tattoonies to a party adds value and fun to the Club. Furthermore, it is an effective way to advertise it. People who wear one Tattoonie of your Club, they will wear it for days, and this means visibility of your brand wherever they go, not forgetting the viral factor when people upload their photos on social networks and multiplies the scope exponentially. Make Custom Temporary Tattoos with your logo or design is an effective, economical and innovative way to advertise yourself. Keep in mind that the temporary tattoos last for 2-7 days in the body, so it is a good weapon for local promotion.

In addition we'll promote party on our social networks, and to produce a video of the event that we will upload to our Youtube channel.

Contact us at to receive a quotation adapted to your needs and make Tattoonie Clubbing a reality in your club / party.