Within each Tattoonie Collection, we include a limited number of designs from collaborators, although we get many proposals (thank you!). This means that unfortunately we can’t launch every great design we get; Therefore we came up with a new idea oriented to all those artists/creators who would like to have their own Premium Temporary Tattoo - Tattoonie Custom for Creators

Through Tattoonie Custom for Creators illustrators or creators who want to sell or promote their designs in decal format AKA Premium Temporary Tattoos will get a very special price. If this appeals to you, keep reading!

  • For a proposal to become a Tattoonie, first it needs to be solid: when designing you have to keep in mind that it will be something meant to be worn on the skin. In Tattoonie we reserve the right to accept or discard proposals if we deem they are inappropriate or not viable.
  • This is an initiative for artists / illustrators / creators who want to sell or promote their own custom Tattoonie and therefore, this offer is only valid for them, not for companies or individuals.
  • On the back-print of every temporary Tattoonie made through Tattoonie Custom for Creators Tattoonie's Logo must be included, as well as our website and social media hashtags.
  • In Tattoonie we reserve the right to promote every Tattoonies produced through Custom for Creators on our website and social networks.
  • We offer different prices according to sizes and limited quantities of Tattoonies: 


6 x 6 cm or equal area. 500 pieces

6 x 6 cm or equal area. 1000 pieces

7,5 x 10,5 cm or equal area. 500 pieces

7,5 x 10,5 cm or equal area. 1000 pieces

10,5 x 15 cm or equal area. 500 pieces

10,5 x 15 cm or equal area. 1000 pieces

  • Send us an email to contact@tattooniedesign.com to get this special quotation.
  • Shipping costs not included. 
  • Production and delivery time within 15 working days since order confirmation.

We hope you find this initiative interesting and we are looking forward to develop a Tattoonie together! For more information or questions, get in touch with us at contact@tattooniedesign.com!