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To wear Tattoonies in one event, adds value and fun! In addition, it is an effective way to advertise yourself. The people that wear your own Custom Temporary Tattoonie, they will do it for days, that means visibility to your brand everywhere your clients go, and without forgetting the viral factor, when those people upload to social media their pictures it multiplies exponentially the scope.

In Tattoonie we offer Custom Service, where we turn any design, logo... into a Premium Temporary Tattoo.

  1. Festivals, Concerts, Parties, Exhibitions, Openings... : We can produce a Tattoonie with the image of your company, brand, club, promoter, bar, etc. Temporary tattoos are extremely popular at these kind of events as people often like to show that they were part of a great moment.
  2. Business Promotion: If you’re looking for a genuine and low-cost way to increase the awareness of your brand or business try including a Custom Made Tattoonie in your communication plan. Here some ideas:
  • Identification for Events: The traditional black stamp can't beat the unlimited design possibilities of a custom Tattoonie transfer. Surprise your guests.
    • Giveaways: A more alternative and unique version of your business card... to take away!

It’s so easy to get a proper quotation:

  • You have to choose the size and quantities of the tattoos.
  • Send us your own designs (no extra charge) or tell us to design something for you.
  • Custom Black&White (no extra charge) or Color Backprint
  • Packaging: Bulk , Plastic Cover + Custom Tag or Premium Envelope.
  • We print in CMYK, so there’s a huge range of color selection to print almosteverything. If you want to be even more leading we can offer you Silver, Gold, Glitter Tattoonies, even Tattoonies that glow in the dark!

Since the order is confirmed, it takes between 11-18 working days to have your custom tattoonies at your place.

Get in touch with us at and ask about your own Custom Tattoonie!