Tattoonie is fresh way to animate any event! It's the perfect ice-breaker to offer guests at your party, conference, gala, wedding, or birthday party.

Let your attendees enjoy the Tattoonie experience, they will never forget and they will repeat.

You can select designs from our collection, or create your own Custom Tattoonie!


Our staff is experienced in events and knows how to amplify the fun at the event. 

Our service includes staffing, supplies (Tattoonie Sponge, Tattoonie Bottle, and our corporative Tees or customized for the occasion), design consultation, and displacement.

We can also add a:

  • Tattoonie Dj's: Musicians with great knowledge to entertain and suit the style of the club or event in addition to providing their personal touch.
  • Photographer: In charge to take pictures / video of the party.

Video tattoonie clubbing

Furthermore, Tattoonie it is an effective way to advertise it. People who wear one Tattoonie of your event, they will wear it for days, and this means visibility.

Please email for a personalized quote.

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