In Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos we really want to have an ice cream in the new collection, so we have decided to launch a CONTEST to transform ice creams into a TATTOONIE.

Would you like to design us an a Tattoonie Ice Cream and be part of the artists who collaborate in the New Collection 2016?

Continue reading to know more details:

About Tattoonie:

Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos design and produces premium temporary tattoos, like the ones you used in your childhood but taking care a lot about their design and quality. In our website you can check what we can do:

Design specs:

  • Format: Digital / CMYK.
  • Technique: Freestyle. You can use color pencils, crayons, watercolors, markers, digital, vectorial, collage ... as far as your creativity can go! The non-digital techniques should be digitalized by scanner or photographed.

The originality and the potential of the design will be very important.

Presentation of work:

I can be only submitted a design.

The design must be sent attached to the following email address: ; as a subject "ICE CREAM CONTEST​ 2016". In the body of the email you must specify the name of the Tattoonie, and your name or nickname as a Designer.


Until the day June 23, 2016.

Any work that does not meet the requirements of these rules will be out of the contest.

The designer agrees that the designs submitted to the contest, are 100% original.

Publication of the winner

The publication of the winning work will be announced on June 28, 2016. It will be published in our social networks.

The winner will be notified via email the same day, with the intention of giving a nice surprise.


The selected work and the winner will be selected by Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos criteria will.

The prize consists of transforming the winner's design into a Tattoonie for the collection 2016. The winner will be part of the "Artists" section on our website, along with many other artists who are already working with the brand and are great. In this design the winner will get Royalties from the sales, like all the other artists. Also we will announce this collaboration by our social networks.

If after reading this you feel motivated, do not hesitate, start to sketch out your ice cream!

A hug!

Tattoonie Team