Tattoonie offer the chance to do premium custom made temporary tattoos and turning any logo or image into a Tattoonie.

There is a wide range of options our transfers can be used for:

  1. Weddings, Birthdays and Celebrations: You can create your own Tattoonie for special social or private events, an original idea that no one will ever forget.
  2. Use Tattoonies as an exclusive accessory to Private Parties.
  3. Greeting Cards or Invitations: Attaching a Tattoonie to them will add a twist and delight your customers.
  4. Appreciation Gifts: Forget about boring and expensive gifts like pens or t-Shirts, why not try something unique and memorable like a Tattoonie?

 It’s so easy to get a proper quotation:

  • You have to choose the size and quantities of the tattoos.
  • Send us your own designs (no extra charge) or tell us to design something for you.
  • Custom Black&White (no extra charge) or Color Backprint
  • Packaging: Bulk , Plastic Cover + Custom Tag or Premium Envelope.
  • We print in CMYK, so there’s a huge range of color selection to print almosteverything. If you want to be even more leading we can offer you Silver, Gold, Glitter Tattoonies, even Tattoonies that glow in the dark!

Since the order is confirmed, it takes between 11-18 working days to have your custom tattoonies at your place.

Get in touch with us at and ask about your own Custom Tattoonie!