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Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos is a Premium Temporary Tattoo Company, designed by artists/ creators that we admire and by our Design Studio. We call to these Temporary Tattoos Tattoonies

Tattoonies are released by different Collections, and they use to be Limited Editions. It's also a great product to collect.


  1. Skin must be completely clean and dry.
  2. If there are more than one design on a sheet, you can cut each individually.
  3. Remove clear protective cover sheet and put the tattoonie face down on the body part of choice, then press down softly.
  4. Wet back side of a tattoonie with water and press down for 20 seconds.
  5. Slide off paper backing.
  6. Rinse the tattoonie for best results on skin.


There are different ways to remove your tattoonie off your skin; but do you really want to do it? looks good!

You can use regular household tape, cut a strip and stick it on your tattoonie, then peel it away. Continue the process until it dissapears. Another way to do it is by applying soap, moisture cream or alcohol direclty on your tattoonie and rub/wash it until it disappears.


We produce limited editions of temporary tattoos. We personally design them, and at every new round# we include Tattoonies designed by external prominent designers. Each round is unique and special since the following ones will include brand new Tattoonies. In addition to our usual Tattoonie rounds, now we also design custom temporary tattoos or we turn any logo or design you want into a Tattoonie.

Each Collection is unique and special because the following ones will be completely different. 
In addition at our regular Tattoonie rounds, now we also design custom temporary tattoos or we turn into a Tattoonie any logo or design that you decide to send us.


Why not create Tattoonies with other people’s designs or design them for others? We thought this was such a good idea that we couldn’t help doing it and it is as easy as this: you send us your design, or ask us for a custom-made design and...Ta-Da! You will have your own personalized Tattoonie.

Temporary tattoos can be used in many ways, not just on the skin. They also transfer on many other objects like glasses, mugs, notebooks, diaries, laptops, iPads, etc. The only limit for Tattoonies is your own imagination. From big events to private parties, wouldn’t it be awesome if all your guests wore your custom-made Tattoonies?

So if you are as excited as us and you want your customized Tattoonie please give us a shout at