In this page we collect the FAQs that our clients have about our temporary tattoos "aka" Tattoonies.
Safety is a priority for Tattoonie. All our Tattoonies are non-toxic and safe for all ages. We ensure that every temporary tattoo is made in accordance with current safety certifications and international regulatory standards. Tattoonies comply with FDA, ASTM, CE, EN71 ... In addition we guarantee they meet the standards of the cosmetic and toy industries. They are also skin friendly so they can be easily removed without skin scratches with ease. Althoug, we don't recomend the use on sensitive skins or people allergic to adhesives.


1. Skin must be completely clean and dry.

2. If there are more than one design on a sheet, you can cut each individually.

3. Remove clear protective cover sheet and put the tattoonie face down on the body part of choice, then press down softly.

4. Wet back side of a tattoonie with water and press down for 20 seconds.

5. Slide off paper backing.

6. Rinse the tattoonie for best results on skin


here are different ways to remove your tattoonie off your skin; but do you really want to do it? looks good! A very easy way to do it is by applying soap, moisture cream or alcohol (our favourite) direclty on your tattoonie and rub/wash it until it disappears.

They can last around 7 days, depending on the skin zone. Skin zones without hair and non fatty areas achieve long lasting.

We work all over the world, so we will be happy to be part of your store. You can find all the wholesale instructions HERE.

Why not create temporary tattoos with other people’s designs or design tattoos for others? We think this is such a good idea, and we are top on producing custom temporary tattoos:

For less than 100 units and very fast production with different or same design, the product that fits with you is called TATTOONIE CUSTOM INSTANT.

For more than 100 units, the product that fits for you is our CUSTOM PREMIUM TATTOOS.. This option is perfect for big events or promotions where you can personalize sizes, packaging and the Tattoonie back-print. From big events to private parties, wouldn’t it be awesome if all your guests wore your custom-made Tattoonies?

If you are in a party, you can use an ice cube to put you a Tattoonie. Is super easy and funny!

emporary tattoos can be used in many ways, not just on the skin. They also transfer on many other objects like glasses, mugs, notebooks, diaries, laptops, iPads, etc. The only limit for Tattoonies is your own imagination.

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