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Sebastian Melmoth (Valencia) -  Montana Shop Born (Barcelona) -  Montana Shop Gràcia (Barcelona) -  Grey Street (Barcelona) -  Bookstore Caixa Fòrum (Barcelona) - Andromeda (Barcelona)La Fiambrera (Madrid) -  Rata Corner (Palma de Mallorca) -  Patricia Domínguez Beauty Center (Santiago de Compostela) - Bestemusu (Pamplona, Navarra)


Loja Dada (Lisboa, Portugal) - East Market Shop (Milano, Italy) - Babel Concept Store (Paris, France) - Ma Bonne Étoile (Saint Ppourcain Sur Sioule, France) - Le Tropique Du Papillon (Elne, France) - Le Printemps de Marine (Nantes, France) - Youth (Romilly Sur Seine, France) - Inspire Concept Store (Boulogne Billancourt, France) - La Boîte à Sardines (Hauteville-sur-Mer, France) - L'Hibernie (Carmaux - Francia) - Oh! Mirettes (Marseille, France) - Sois Toi (Anseremme, Belgium) - I Love Rose (Ixelles, Belgium) - Womenart (Basel, Switzerland) - British Museum (London,UK) - Magma Shop (London, UK) - Montana Shop ( Nottingahm, UK) - Little Mashers (London, UK) - Superjuju (Stuttgart, Germany) - Blaupause Papeterie (Leipzig, Germany) FischTüte ( Leipzig, Germany) - Stationery Düssel ( Cologne, Germany)Printing workshop Ottensen (Hamburg, Germany)Mohitrani Store (Italy) - Pebs Concept (Brasov, Romania) - Metkunen (Tampere, Finland) - Pop&Roll Art Shop (Budapest, Hungary) 



Vanity Projects (New York, USA) - Intrigue (Moscow, USA) - Penny Lane Emporium (Philadelphia, USA) - Simon Says (Bristol, USA) - The Gifted Child (Lenox, USA) - Exploratorium Museum Store (San Francisco, USA) - Rockin Rudy's (Missoula, USA) - Wicked Chamber Boutique (Costa Mesa, USA) - Flying M Coffee House (Boise, USA) -  Studio Fox (Vancouver, Canada) -  Re Store (Bogotá, Colombia) 


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Do you have a store or space where you would like to sell Tattoonies? Brilliant!

You can place your first order through the Faire platform, or if you prefer through Ankorstore:

Or send us an email to We will be happy to send you the details! 

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