Custom temporary tattoos

In the world of fashion, personalized temporary tattoos stand out as a unique form of creativity that allows each individual to temporarily capture their style.

These tattoos, unlike existing designs, are created specifically to reflect the personality, tastes and experiences of the wearer.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating universe of personalized temporary tattoos, exploring the way they offer a unique way to carry unique and personal stories with you, individually or in groups, of a temporary but significant way.

We'll guide you through the process of how to apply one and also delve into the options Tattoonie offers, unraveling the possibilities to take your idea to a whole new level. Here we go!

Cómo se pone un tatuaje temporal

How to apply a temporary tattoo

In this section, we share the instructions for the correct application of your personalized adhesive tattoo.

It's very simple, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, we recommend having clean and dry skin (without excess oil) to ensure adequate adhesion.
  2. If you have sheets with multiple tattoos, cut them out individually to make application easier.
  3. Carefully remove the clear protective plastic and place the Tattoonie face down on the selected part of the body, making sure it is well positioned.
  4. Moisten the back of the Tattoonie with water and press gently on the skin for 20 seconds.
  5. Carefully remove the back of the custom temporary tattoo, making sure the design is properly transferred.
  6. For optimal results, lightly moisten the Tattoonie once placed, ensuring that it blends perfectly into the skin.

    These simple steps will ensure an effective and long-lasting application of your temporary tattoo.

    Tatuajes temporales personalizados en Tattoonie

    What options do you find at Tattoonie Design

    Customize your tattoo with us! Here are some custom temporary tattoo ideas that Tattoonie offers you:

    • Identification for events. Overcome tradition with the variety of possibilities that personalized tattoos offer. Surprise your guests with a unique and memorable touch.
    • Advertising for companies. Give your brand or company an original twist and stand out by incorporating personalized temporary tattoos into your communication strategy. An innovative way to gain notoriety.
    • Alternative details. Say goodbye to traditional business cards and opt for a unique version: your information in a temporary personalized tattoo!
    • Weddings, birthdays and celebrations. Create personalized tattoos for your favorite event, adding an unforgettable and distinctive touch that no one will forget.
    • Exclusive accessories. Use personalized Tattoonies as exclusive accessories for festivals, small parties or clubs, achieving a unique element in the experience.
    • Unforgettable invitations. These personalized tattoo designs add a special touch to your invitations, creating a pleasant surprise that will make your guests remember your event.
    • Memorable gifts. Break with convention and give something unique and memorable, such as personalized tattoos, leaving a lasting experience.

    Tatuajes personalizados temporales en Tattoonie

    Once you have your clear idea, you can choose between these three options for your personalized tattoos:

    • Premium. For those looking for the highest quality and detail in their personalized temporary tattoos, the Premium option offers a unique and distinctive experience. Each design has a personalized back as you want and offers a lot of finishes (glitter, neon, metallic...)
    • Express . You can customize a temporary tattoo quickly and efficiently with this option. Ideal if you need a small amount of temporary tattoos. You will get your personalized Tattoonies in record time.
    • Express with Glow in the dark . Bring your evening events to life with the Glow in the Dark selection. Perfect for small quantities and with ultra-fast production, these temporary tattoos will add a magical touch to your evening celebrations.

    As you have seen, the diversity of options in personalized temporary tattoos that we offer at Tattoonie provides the perfect opportunity to express your individuality on any occasion.

    If you have any questions or additional questions about our custom tattoos, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

    You can call us at +34 616 56 43 22 or send us an email to

    We want to be part of your next creative adventure!

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